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  • Function Masterbatch

    Function Masterbatch

    Permanent static control Fully high performance polymer Low humidity performance Can be coloured None migration or precipitation Keep original properties of the involved material

    Complaints proposals

    Complaints proposals
Product description
model Add ratio surface resistivity Application of polymers technical data
YF1100 15-25% 10E8-10E11 Transparent ABS,Transparent PMMA,Transparent PS TDS MSDS ROHS
YF1400 15-25% 10E8-10E11 PC/ABS,ABS,PS TDS MSDS ROHS
YF2300 15-25% 10E8-10E11 PP,PE,TPE,TPR TDS MSDS ROHS
YF3400 12-22% 10E8-10E11 PP,PE,TPE,TPR TDS MSDS ROHS
YF3500 12-22% 10E8-10E11 PC/ABS,PC,POM,ABS TDS MSDS ROHS
YF2030 15-25% 10E7-10E11 PA,PBT,POM TDS MSDS ROHS
YF3022 12-22% 10E7-10E11 ABS,PS TDS MSDS ROHS
YF1003 2-5% 10E7-10E11 TPU,PU TDS MSDS ROHS
Metal fiber masterbatch JS-80-D24 8-15% 10E2-10E11 PA,PP,TPE TDS MSDS ROHS


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